About Internet Video Marketing

Does Internet Video Marketing really work? Why should I be doing this?

To answer the first question – YES, it does.

YouTube is now the second largest internet search engine.

People are looking for information online, and they’re looking for it in an easy to consume video format.

How does IVM deliver a superior marketing solution?


We know you’re pro at your profession and don’t have time to fool around. So are we. Service is our mantra and you’ll never have to wait for a reply or guess what time we’ll show up for your video shoot. We set clear expectations and deliver on them.


Guess what? No, you cannot shoot a professional marketing video with your GoPro or iPhone. You’ll need lighting, tripods, perhaps even tracks and a second camera. Don’t fuss – we’ve got it all.


Bad news: your video is not finished until it went through post-production editing. We’ll take care of it and add your company logo, name and title to your video. Your name never looked so good in print!


Professionalism is gained by experience. We’ve done videography and internet marketing long enough to eliminate the guesswork and gained the experience necessary to deliver a top-notch service and product. Guaranteed.

Reliable Support

Oh no, you lost your video transcript? You need help embedding your video on your website? Don’t worry, we’re only a Service Request away and tackle your issue in no time.

Fast Turn-Around Times

Ready to roll? So are we. As soon as you get in touch with us, we can get the camera rolling. Well, almost. First, we’ll develop your individual video marketing strategy. That will take…ahem…all of 24 hours.

Discover how easy it is to immediately reach an unlimited target audience.

Who are you people? (Click on our pics for answers.)

We know you’re afraid of wasting time and money on marketing tools that don’t work. We understand.

We are not a flashy advertising agency. We’re a guerrilla digital marketing and video production firm that is delivering content the way people are willing to consume it. How are 4 billion YouTube views per day for proof?

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